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From the Archives: Celia explains the design thinking process.

This comic is a reflection from my Design Thinking course this past August. Funny story with this one: I was exhausted from the course, which finished on a Friday and entailed ten 12-hour days, including the weekend. This assignment was due that Sunday evening. I ended up finding a tiny, injured kitten stuck in my car engine on Saturday morning and spent the weekend taking it to the emergency vet and being kept up all night by its constant meowing, so this is a product of major sleep deprivation and limited hours. Still, I think it summarizes the design thinking process in a simple way. I actually referred to it recently for another project. I hope you find it interesting and/or helpful!

A note from Paris: I have many, many ideas for comics about my time here but I currently do not have the same tools at my disposal that I used to (goodbye, iPad rental!). I am thinking of scanning and uploading some classic pen-to-paper comics soon.

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