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Episode 4: Business Major-Turned-Artist or Artist-Turned-Business Major?

Celia's Story (Class of 2022)

Reflection: It took me much longer than expected to finish this story, probably because it's my own and not part of a contained narrative. With the other stories, I could only create based off the interviews I conducted, but this one had an endless supply of content I could have included. I hope this story helps you learn a little bit about me and explains why I chose a creative project for my thesis.

What's to Come: My thesis research has been turned in and I graduated last week. I'll miss all my friends who are moving on to their big-kid jobs in new cities instead of delaying adult life by doing grad school, like me. I am grateful that we have so many ways to keep in touch in the digital age - including comic blogs! I hope to keep this blog going during the summer with a separate collection of stories, so you will always know what I am up to.

Thank you so much for following along with this project and checking out my work. It means the world to me! As my mom said in her Facebook post, she wishes I would show my drawings to more people, so now I am.

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