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Episode 2: Mentors

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Remi's Story (Class of 2023)

Reflection: This story was more challenging than the first to represent visually since there was less action and more discussion. Dr. Salamifar, my thesis director, is a fan of these "slices of life," these conversations that we would not consider the stuff of typical action-packed comics about superheroes and villains. This is why I am researching the rise of ordinary stories and why they are prevalent in literature today. Huge thanks to Remi for working with me to bring this one to life!

Question for the comments section: What is it about ordinary stories/slices of life that intrigue us? Your insight will be much appreciated as my research is still very much in progress.

Next week: A discussion with Sarah about believing in yourself and taking the leap, something that got her an internship with Google and much more.

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