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Celia Abroad Episode 1: Paris on Fire

Appel à la grève ! I expected to experience strikes while studying in Paris, but not to this extent. My school and apartment are both located a little ways outside the city, so I am pretty distanced from it all. The issue itself is also difficult for me to grasp as an American, and I've heard opinions from both sides from my French friends and classmates.

This comic is a commentary on how history can unfold around us while we go about our daily lives. It's a strange privilege to have to be able to mind one's own business (s'occuper de ses oignions as I believe the expression goes) while all this goes on. The biggest effects I have suffered are related to the lack of reliable public transportation, such as having travel plans cancelled, having classes moved online, and having to take creative transportation routes home after a night out.

At this point, my main struggle is finding an end-of-studies internship in France. (If I don't find one by July, I will probably have to go back to the U.S. to find a job instead because we need to complete a "professional mission" to graduate.) Would hate to see my year-long Navigo pass go to waste and miss out on all the adventures I still plan to have! (That's a gross understatement; I would be devastated if that happened.) Send good vibes out into the career universe for me please!

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