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I'm Celia Casciani, an International Business and Finance major at the University of South Carolina.

I hope you enjoy these comics about the lives of UofSC students. This project is part of my Honors Thesis, in which I am exploring the significance of autobiographical comics and ordinary stories in contemporary literature. New stories will be posted until I give my thesis defense (and hopefully afterward too). Browse comics or click on "About the Project" to learn more. 



Celia Casciani

Honors student at the University of South Carolina, graduating in May 2022 with a degree in International Business and Finance

Farzad Salamifar, Ph.D. 

Thesis Director

Instructor & Basic French Courses Director at the University of South Carolina. PhD in French & Francophone World Studies from the University of Iowa

Nicole Amato

Second Reader

Doctoral Candidate in Language, Literacy, & Culture at the University of Iowa

Special Thanks To:
Bill Fairchild of the Foreign Language Learning Center for the technology support. These comics would never have made it beyond pen and paper without your help. 

The University of South Carolina Honors College for the funding to make this website look its best. (And for a stellar undergraduate learning experience!)


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Celia Casciani

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This work was supported in part by the South Carolina Honors College Senior Thesis/Project Grant. 

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If criticism: please make it constructive! 

Excited to hear from you!

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